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Chef Warren Laine-Naida's 30 year gastronomic journey has taken him from the west coast of Canada, the Rocky Mountains, south western Ontario and, since 1993, Europe. He studied at the Stratford Chef School, has appeared on radio and television, has contributed to cook books and in 2009 published "Art in Chocolate". His menus and chocolate creations, both edible and non-edible display pieces, have tantalised guests around the globe.


Are you interested in commissioning a unique edible menu? Having an event catered? A decorative chocolate sculpture? Or in attending a chocolate workshop? Please contact us! Chocolate sculptures created for you are guaranteed one of a kind.

Just one of the recipes from "The University Club" novels

Dark Chocolate Truffles with Bacon (12 pieces)

sprig of fresh rosemary
150 grams dark couverture
100 grams sugar
100 ml white wine
250 ml whipping cream
50 grams rendered bacon fat (this replaces butter and adds a lovely salty, bacon flavour)
1 tablespoon balsamic cream

bring sugar, sprig of rosemary and wine to light boil.
add room temperature cream and return to light boil.
add grated chocolate, and reduce slightly.
remove from heat, remove rosemary, stir in balsamic vinegar and bacon fat.
let cool, and spoon into balls.
toss in cocoa, sprinkle with gold leaf, or eat them naked.

White Chocolate & Cheese Parfait (6 portions)

1/2 fresh papaya
1/2 fresh mango
1 fresh red chili pepper
1 fresh lime

300 grams soft goats cheese (chevre)
100 grams white chocolate
500 ml cream

Whip room temperature goats cheese until creamy.
Finely grate white chocolate. Whip the cream.
Gently fold all ingredients together.
Spoon mixture into 6 glasses and cool.

Cut papaya and mango into very fine pieces.
Cut the red chili pepper into very fine slices.
Mix together with the juice of the lime.
Serve spoonful on top of each parfait.

Cooking and Lifestyle, Essen und Genuss

Watch three new cooking videos on my YouTube Channel!

The apple is pleasure. Food is culture. Food is togetherness. Food is mindfulness. Lightness - and joy! That's how Kerstin Kleber and I started in our first video, and now we're continuing!

This time we talked less and finally cooked together, and it was a wonderful afternoon!

A vegetarian lunch - light and delicious, quick to prepare and easy to make. A cutting board, a knife, a blender and off we go.

What are we making?

- Fresh salad
- Whole wheat spaghetti with two different homemade pestos
- White chocolate and goat cheese parfait

We enjoyed two different white wines (dry and off-dry) with this - a Chardonnay with our appetizer and main course, followed by a Riesling with our dessert.

Want to see the recipes? Watch the three videos, in German, on my YouTube Channel!

warren laine-naida

Art in Chocolate Искусство в шоколаде Arte en Chocolate L’art dans le chocolate Kunst in Schokolade チョコレートの美学