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Chef Warren Laine-Naida's 30 year gastronomic journey has taken him from the west coast of Canada, the Rocky Mountains, south western Ontario and, since 1993, Europe. He studied at the Stratford Chef School, has appeared on radio and television, has contributed to cook books and in 2009 published "Art in Chocolate". His menus and chocolate creations, both edible and non-edible display pieces, have tantalised guests around the globe.


When in Ontario, Warren works together with mentor Joan Brennan of Elite Catering by Design and The Gay Wedding Show fame.

If you are interested in commissioning a unique edible menu item or decorative chocolate sculpture for your event, or in attending a chocolate workshop please contact us. Chocolate sculptures created for you are guaranteed one of a kind.

Just one of the recipes from Warren's many appearances on
Rogers TV's daytime with Ken & Sabrina:

Dark Chocolate Shots with Bacon (6 portions)

sprig of fresh rosemary
150 gram dark chocolate
100 gram sugar
100 ml white wine
250 ml whipping cream
50 gram rendered bacon fat (this replaces butter and adds a lovely flavour)
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

bring sugar, sprig of rosemary and wine to light boil.
add cream and return to light boil.
add chocolate, let mixture boil and reduce slightly.
remove from heat, remove rosemary, stir in balsamic vinegar and bacon fat.
pour into 6 small but elegant glasses.
let cool and then top with a thin layer of melted dark chocolate.
you can garnish as creatively as you wish!

Both of the recipes from the show were featured at Brennan's Beer & Bistro in London
- in addition to the recipes from a 6 course chocolate tasting menu.