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Not Now, Katrin - the sequel to Warren Laine-Naida's The University Club - A Campus Affair


"Not Now, Katrin" - the sequel to Warren Laine-Naida's Culinary Campus novel "The University Club - A Campus Affair"

Now available exclusively on Amazon as both paperback and Kindle ebook.
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Kathy Lawson quietly preps veggie chips at trendy Maples restaurant until she meets Kate Morris who tips her world upside down. It seems a dream come true, until tragedy strikes. Judy, Barb, Alex, Katrin, Jessie - 'Not Now Katrin' picks up where 'The University Club - a Campus Affair' left off. A bittersweet behind the scenes glimpse into the life of Jessie's favourite blogger, Katrin Lawson.

This book includes eight original recipes, as well as passages intended for an adult (18+) audience.

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Not Now, Katrin is NOW available!


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