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A Wrinkle in the Glass - this romantic thriller is the last part of The University Club trilogy


The Climax to Warren Laine-Naida's Culinary Novel Series

New! "A Wrinkle in the Glass" - the sequel to "Not Now, Katrin", is the romantic thriller that concludes The University Club trilogy.


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"It’s me, Alex. I’m the girlfriend Jessie threw away, the foodie journalist, possibly the girl who answered the door in Nice, but probably not. Right? I mean, it could have gone either way."

"I had one job – to get this, Katrin’s final book, to the publishers, and I couldn’t even do that right. Honestly, they’re just across the street from our apartment. Do I feel bad? Probably. However, you need to know the real story. It’s grittier, so probably more interesting than what you have previously read. Sure, Katrin will freak when she reads this co-op of her work, but as the Jesuits say – it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission."

If you enjoyed "The University Club - A Campus Affair" and "Not Now, Katrin", you will simply not believe how the final part of Katrin's trilogy wraps up. Hold on tight!  "A Wrinkle in the Glass" includes a brand new, final recipe, as well as passages intended for an adult (18+) audience.

Available online through your local Amazon. Paperback, Kindle, or eBook | January 2021 | 300 pages



A Wrinkle in the Glass - this romantic thriller is the climax of The University Club trilogy
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What people are saying about "A Wrinkle in the Glass"

"It's pretty tricky to write a review of the third novel in a trilogy without spoiler alerts. Author, Warren Laine-Naida took us through a casual peek into the lives of Jaime, Judy, Alex, and Katrin starting with University Club, continuing with Not Now Katrin, and culminating in A Wrinkle in the Glass. There are nods to other works of fiction including his book Art In Chocolate that make this novel one that keeps your interest piqued. I loved how he brought in more characters and perspectives into the ongoing story of Katrin in this sequel, so please do not read it out of order. If you must start out of order, then read Not Now Katrin first. Honestly, this novel begs for a prequel, but maybe that was Laine-Naida's intent all along. Five stars. Great read. Indie author."

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